+  Cleaning Quality
Windshield scratches and stripes   Windshield dirty areas   Windshield mist formation   Trepidation and noise
1)   Problems visually noticeable
Cracked and/or dried rubber   Deformed rubber   Torn and/or dried rubber
  Brittle blade
  Probable cause:
Alcohol or kerosene base products chemical attack.
Only use water to wash glass and fill up the water reservoir with windshield cleaner; the regular use of this product lengthens the blade’s useful life.
  Warped blade  
  Probable cause:
Cars parked under the sun for long periods, without using the wiping system regularly.

Turn the water jet and the blades on daily, for hydrating the rubber pieces.
  Torn blade  
  Probable cause:
Many times due to hitting the gasket or when it was installed;
  Blade with resistant impregnations  
  Probable cause:
Organic or chemical residues

Turn the water jet and the blades on daily, for hydrating the rubber pieces.

2)   Problems that can be noticed when turning the blades on:
  Trepidation or squeaking  
  End of the blade useful life, rubber piece dried out due to chemical attack or arm out of torsion angle.  
  Bad cleaning or grasping quality  
  Warped, brittle blade or chemical product impregnated on the windshield
  Noise at high speed  
  The blade is touching the glass gasket because it is improperly fitted or the arm has a loose bolt.
3)   Arm problems:
The arm may be loose on the pivot shaft (adjust). The compression spring may be worn out.
Adjustment: If it is improperly adjusted on rest position over the glass, when turned on, it will touch the windshield gasket.
4)   Tips and Care:
  1. Always test the front and rear blades; the rear window glass is even more expensive than the windshield, considering that many times it is thermal;

  2. Check the proper application for the vehicle model and year;

  3. Keep the new blade near the vehicle when replacing it, never leave the arm up without a blade, because any vibration could bring it back into rest position and the return power could break the car glass.

  4. The blade spoiler should always be installed turned down (Note: Some cars only have spoiler on the driver’s side due to project matters)

  5. Use proper products on the wiper water reservoir (Windshield cleaner);

  6. Use the wiping system daily to hydrate the rubber piece and for a better visibility even on not rainy days.
+   Some care increase the blade useful life:
Whenever washing the car, clean the rubber blades with a moistened cloth (only use water)   Never use kerosene when washing it, neither chemical products because they may damage the rubber blade   Always use Windshield Cleaner, which avoids the rubber pieces drying out and reduces the friction between the blade and the glass   Double blades reduce the wiping blade system’s useful life in half
In case the problem persists, it may be necessary to replace the arm. In case of any doubt, call Dyna's Assistance Technical.
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